AI in Healthcare – The “Back-UP” Project

The “Back-UP” project team invite researchers, clinicians, hospital staff and industry representatives to join them for a webinar in June to learn more about their work to improve well-being and return to work after Neck and Lower Back Pain.

This event will cover:

  • A cloud-based scalable approach used for data sharing, modelling and execution.
  • Multidisciplinary prognostic models which are deployed in MULTI-X, a research cloud platform developed at the University of Leeds.
  • Interoperation with MULTI-X prognostic models which are leveraged by:
      • Antari Home Care, an established eHealth platform, developed by the technology multinational GMV.
      • A Patient Stratification Web App developed at Keele University, designed to integrate the NHS Primary Care systems.
  • A Smartphone App developed by the SelfBACK EU project that feeds the Back-UP ecosystem with patient monitoring and self-reported information.

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About the Back-UP project

The Back-UP Project works for a better, personalised, faster and evidence-based management of neck and low back pain, through the development of a technological platform with prognostic models, addressed to patients, clinicians and occupational managers, based on the digital representation of multidimensional clinical information, and in-silico assessments of possible interventions.

This tool is designed to support first contact clinician decision-making for people with back and/or neck pain by:

  • Determining how likely an individual is to develop persistent problems
  • Predicting work absence, pain scores and function level in 2 & 6 months’ time
  • Recommending treatment options based on an individual’s prognostic profile
  • Providing links to relevant information resources
  • Automating a summary of the consultation for the patient