Surgery 2030: Transformative Technologies

‘Surgery 2030: Transformative Technologies’ is the theme for the Surgical MICs National Meeting this year which will be held in the centre of Leeds.

Their National Meeting is an opportunity for delegates to network and create new multidisciplinary collaborations and secondly to stimulate development of innovative ideas to address challenges in surgery.

NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative is a centre of expertise for the development of technologies in the area of colorectal, vascular and hepatopancreaticobiliary (HPB) disease, with a focus on improving surgical care through technological innovation. Their aim is to ensure patients in need of surgical care have access to new technologies that have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe, effective, and represent value for money to the NHS.

They will bring together clinicians, academics, scientists, industry partners, patients and the public to work together to advance patient care by accelerating new science and technologies into patient benefit.

By attending, delegates will:

  • Understand the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to technology development for surgery
  • Understand the key success factors for clinical adoption of surgical innovation
  • Gain an overview of potential surgical applications of existing and/or new technology and how research collaborations accelerate the journey to patient access.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Professor Gareth Loudon, Professor of Creativity at the Cardiff School of Art and Design and co-founder and Director of the Centre for Creativity Ltd
  • Mr Luigi Pugliese, Department of Surgery, Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico SanMatteo, Pavia, Italy
  • Mr Sirko Pelzl, CEO and CTO of apoQlar GmbH
  • Dr Andrew Sims, Head of the Northern Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Department (NMPCE), Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

About the NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative

The NIHR Surgical Med Tech Co-operative supports the development of medical technologies in the fields of colorectal, vascular and hepatopancreaticobiliary (liver, gall bladder and pancreas/HPB) surgery to improve healthcare and quality of life for patients.

Ensuring safe surgery is high on both national and international agendas, with emphasis on reducing post-surgical complications and preventing infections. Significant improvements have been achieved, particularly through the use of ‘keyhole’ surgery, but there is a need for further technological advancement, including robotic assistance, if the full potential of the minimally invasive revolution is to be realised.

The NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative are creating a nationwide network of clinicians, engineers, scientists, industry and patients to identify new areas in need of innovation, support research to address these clinical problems, and provide a resource for evaluating new surgical technologies within the NHS, helping them to move into clinical practice.

Theyrun events that bring together partners from different fields to share expertise and develop new ideas. We provide seed corn funding to kick start research that can turn these ideas into reality. And our Surgical Technology Testbed provides industry with rapid, but affordable, clinical evaluation and adoption.

The NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative are based at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals, the second biggest healthcare provider in the UK, working closely with the University of Leeds, a leading UK University with strengths in biomedical research.