Apply for funding: Colorectal, HPB and vascular surgery ideas and solutions

Businesses, researchers and clinicians working in colorectal, hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) and vascular surgery are invited to apply for pump-prime or clinical session funding of up to £10,000.

Funding is available to support the development of new concepts, demonstration of proof of principle, to accelerate translation of research to the clinic, and devise new research protocols – for new medical devices, healthcare technologies or technology-dependent interventions for surgical technologies.

The funding is being offered by The NIHR Surgical MedTech Cooperative in collaboration with Grow MedTech.

The funding competition is split into two parts: a strategic call that is focused on future unmet needs and a reactive call offering incubator packages that is focused on the immediate needs in surgery.

How to apply

Researchers from the Grow MedTech university consortium can access support in developing effective funding applications by contacting a Technology Innovation Manager. Find out which of the team has experience best suited to support your project via their profiles.

Visit the NIHR website to download a funding application form.

Funding call 1: Future unmet needs



  • All applicants must be UK based
  • All applications must have a clinical collaborator
  • Industry-led applications must include matched funding which can be financial or in-kind support
  • Successful applicants will work in conjunction with the NIHR Surgical MIC and its extensive network in order to successfully prototype and/or validate their idea(s) (i.e. show proof of concept/principle)



Convergence of technologies 

Up to £10K funding is available for industry and/or academic-led applications to develop ideas and solutions in:

  • medical devices and information technology
  • artificial intelligence applied to medical devices
  • combining medical imaging with robotics
  • digital health
  • smart drug delivery devices


The future of surgery

Up to £10K funding is available for clinically-led applications to develop ideas and solutions in:

  • patients and their choice of treatment
  • the training and role of future surgeons
  • the development of new non-surgical interventions
  • the emergence of new care models
  • patient safety and clinical outcomes
  • the role of digital pathology in surgery


Key dates:

Closes midnight, Tuesday 30 April 2019

Download application form

Funding call 2: Incubator packages



  • All applicants must be UK based – academic institutions, NHS Trusts, third sector organisations and industry
  • Applications must have be translational or have clearly planned translational aspects in the near or long term
  • projects should have the potential to develop into a more substantial project that can apply for external funding



  • seed funding call
  • up to £5K
  • for the early development of novel technology-based solutions applicable to colorectal, HPB and/or vascular surgery (including wound care)


Key dates:

There are four opportunities to submit your proposal:

Submission deadline Review date
5pm Wednesday 15 May 2019 Thursday 23 May 2019
5pm Wednesday 26 June 2019 Thursday 4 July 2019
5pm Wednesday 16 October 2019 Thursday 24 October 2019
5pm Wednesday 27 November 2019 Thursday 5 December 2019

Projects must use allocated support by 31 March 2020.

Download application form

How to apply

Complete the application form on the NIHR Surgical MIC website and submit it to