InnoChallenge: The future of sutures

B. Braun, one of the world’s leading providers and manufacturers of healthcare solutions, invite medtech innovators to share new ideas about products, technologies or services related with the wound closure field.

In return, B. Braun will invite selected medtech innovators with the best ideas to participate in a value creation program at their Co-creation lab in Tuttlingen (Germany) in July 2019 (preliminary scheduled, but subject to availability).

At the lab, B. Braun experts will provide access to specific knowledge related with the development of business opportunities (business model, team, finance, intellectual property and regulatory), expert advice and networking activities to transform your idea into a concrete business proposal.

At the end of the program, each participant will present the business proposal created around the idea.

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The main areas of interest for B. Braun will be:

  • New materials / new closure technologies
  • Smart devices / digital solutions
  • Packaging / customization

All ideas, regardless of its maturity, will be welcomed and considered.


This call is addressed to candidates with official domicile/residence in the EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand.

Candidate profile

Anyone with a great idea for a new product, technology or service in relation to the wound closure field, including but not limited to, healthcare professionals, research centers, universities or startups, can participate in the B. Braun InnoChallenge Call.

If more than one person has contributed to generate the idea, all persons must be listed when submitting the idea.

In the case of employed healthcare professionals, B. Braun will also require written consent of the employer hospital for submitting the idea and participate in the value creation program.