Dr Clare Green - Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager

Dr Clare Green

Technology Innovation Manager


I am the Technology Innovation Manager for Grow MedTech at the University of York. I am based in Research and Enterprise, and you will find me working with the Business Development Team in the Ron Cooke Hub.

In my role I work closely with academics, companies and clinicians in the York region to enable exciting Medical Technology opportunities developed by universities and companies to progress to commercial propositions.

This involves identifying promising Medical Technologies emerging from the Grow MedTech consortium and its networks, matching with academic capability, company partners and other collaborators and providing the support and management to de-risk these technologies ready for investment.

My technology areas of interest within the medtech field include medical devices, tissue engineering, biological scaffolds, biomaterials, diagnostics, personalised medicine and digital health.

  • As project manager for a number of Proof of Concept projects at the N8 Universities, I oversaw the timely completion of multiple project milestones, identified clinical and industry partners as well as further funding opportunities.
  • I completed numerous offered technology assessments and technology plans, considering factors such as scientific rationale, cost benefits, customer needs, business drivers and technology trends.
  • I was part of the NHS National Innovation Centre Statement of Clinical Need (SOCN) project, involving close collaboration with healthcare professionals and industry to articulate unmet clinical needs.

  • Medical devices
  • Biological scaffolds
  • Biomaterials
  • Diagnostics
  • Personalised medicine
  • Clinical insights
  • Technology scoping
  • Consortium building


I am very interested in how tissue engineering, in all of its forms, can be applied to clinical problems. The use of decellularised constructs for reconstruction of tissues and long-term functional integration into the body is of interest, in particular how this has and will be achieved for commercial and patient benefit.