Danielle Miles - Grow MedTech

Dr Danielle Miles

Programme Lead & Technology Innovation Manager


I am the Grow MedTech Programme Lead and Technology Innovation Manager based at the University of Leeds. This means I am responsible for day-to-day leadership and programme management, bringing together the team of embedded Technology Innovation Managers to work collectively for the consortium.

Moving on from my role as Technology Innovation Manager on Translate, I bring a wealth of experience in supporting the generation, evaluation and prioritisation of potential medtech opportunities throughout the Leeds City Region.

I am now using this experience to work with academics and company partners to validate and de-risk new technologies to progress them towards market deployment and safe clinical practice. I provide insight into academic strengths across the region, as well as relationships with key partners and stakeholders in the wider Medtech ecosystem.

  • I played a key role in the Innovation Management team in Translate; which supported over 120 projects, involved more than 115 academics and leveraged over £12M of public sector income to further develop medical technologies.
  • As part of a 4 month secondment to JRI Orthopeadics I provided guidance on the regulatory frameworks for regenerative medicinal products and assisted with new technology evaluation.
  • For 8 years I was responsible for the development of novel peptide hydrogels. I led on the design of experimental, contributed towards computational methods for pre-clinical simulation alongside a multidisciplinary team of biologists and engineers, and was actively involved in helping to create and map the value proposition.

  • Early stage medtech innovation
  • Partnership brokerage
  • Patient and Public Involvement
  • Developing innovation capability
  • Biomaterials / hydrogels
  • Orthopaedics


Although from a more traditional medical device background, I find myself more and more involved in digital technologies and I am excited by the possibilities that artificial intelligence is bringing to both diagnostics and treatments of medical conditions.