Kaeyo Kelly - Grow MedTech team

Kaeyo Kelly

Communications and Engagement Coordinator


As part of the Communications and Engagement team, I’m responsible for creating communication strategies for Grow MedTech alongside Rowan Grant.

My vision for Grow MedTech is that it becomes an online authority for medtech news throughout the Leeds and Sheffield City Regions, as well as a platform to promote the work of our collaborators amongst our expansive network of medtech innovators.

To achieve this, my goal is to produce and share a variety of polished and engaging content for the medtech community and disseminate these materials across the Grow MedTech website, social media channels, our mailing list and in print.

If you are working with Grow MedTech on any projects and are looking to build an online presence for your work, get in touch and we can start planning together.

Role & responsibilities

In producing content for Grow MedTech and our community networks, my work can range from creating written copy and blogs to recording and editing video around an innovators research.

I also coordinate our events, work with creative agencies to produce content and am responsible for maintaining our brand, making sure that our work and online identity is consistent and instantly recognisable.

What I can help you with:
  • Advertising events
  • Digital content production
  • Social media
  • Event queries


I’m fascinated by the application of VR and AR technology in healthcare, for example, how it’s been used to assist in rehabilitation programmes and in paediatrics to help children cope with frightening procedures by gamifying procedures.