Kieran Perkins - Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager

Kieran Perkins

Technology Innovation Manager


Working as part of Grow MedTech, we serve academic and university based teams who are looking to develop their research to a commercial outcome. I work out of the University of Bradford, within the research and innovation service.

The University of Bradford is approachable, commercially minded and operates with technologies which are close to market. It’s not a large university so there is a responsive and personal attitude. Bradford has core capability in polymer engineering, remote sensing and IOT, health studies including dementia, healthy ageing and active living. There are also solid skills in data analysis, machine learning, cyber security and the university also hosts the Digital Health Enterprise Zone.

  • I’ve been part of significant periods of business growth, transformation and scale up.
  • Commercial and strategic management of product roadmaps including R&D capex & opex budgets.
  • Implemented a concept team which reduced NPD timelines and delivered category leading products.

  • Design driven innovation and design for human factors.
  • Management strategies for innovation and to de-risk opportunities.
  • Goods, service and business model innovation.


There is shift taking place in care pathways towards a ‘non passive’ patient future. This is desirable from both care and patient perspectives and signals that medtech innovations which provide a ‘first in class’ experience for engaged patients will thrive. Apple’s current watch is a Class 2 medical device; we can see digital blurring the traditional boundaries between drug, device, software and data.  Successful teams will be collaborative and multidisciplinary.