Kieran Perkins - Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager

Kieran Perkins

Technology Innovation Manager


Working as part of Grow MedTech, I serve academic and university-based teams who are looking to develop their research to a commercial outcome. I work out of the University of Bradford and alongside their professional services teams.

We are approachable, commercially minded and operate with technologies which are close to market. We are not a large university so have a responsive and personal attitude. Bradford has core capability in polymer engineering, remote sensing and IoT as well as health studies including dementia, healthy aging, and active living. There are also solid skills in data analysis, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

I am experienced in product and innovation management. I am highly skilled in identifying and optimising commercial, technical and customer needs to find that sweet spot that compels action. I am a creative thinker and value maker.

  • 20+ years in Commercial Product Strategy with broad experiences across a range of functions, services, industries & technologies. 4+ years spent implementing Innovation management in SME’s. 2 Years in RTO functions within research institutions.
  • I have worked with over 50 companies to develop new product and service opportunities and have worked as an external consultant as well as headed up internal teams, We have delivered highly successful commercial products that have regularly generated EBITDA of +15M and created long line incremental commercial opportunities.
  • Highly Skilled at identifying and developing strategic opportunity, I have secured 4 of the 12 proof of Grow MedTech Proof of Concepts and am supporting multiple commercial opportunities on behalf of the University. I have experience with UKRI/IUK and regional funding for innovation.

  • Statement of need and insight generation activity.
  • Stakeholder engagement and pitching for new value.
  • Capital and operational budgeting for new products development and introduction.
  • Prototyping strategy.
  • Design best practice and design for manufacture.
  • Management of product safety/risk compliance within a UKAS test lab environment.
  • Cost negotiations and costed BOM’s.
  • Management and optimisation of innovation processes.


There is shift taking place in care pathways towards a ‘non passive’ patient future. This is desirable from both care and patient perspectives and signals that medtech innovations which provide a ‘first in class’ experience for engaged patients will thrive.