Victoria Turner

Administrative Assistant


I am Victoria Turner and as the administrative assistant for Grow MedTech I am your first point of contact for any enquiries relating to the programme.

I manage day-to-day operations, supporting each member of the Grow MedTech team and providing efficient operation support to ensure the smooth running and success of the programme.

I also coordinate all governance meetings for Grow MedTech as well as facilitating the Technology Innovation Manager team does across the six partner universities.

Role & responsibilities

I am the diary contact for Dr Danielle Miles and manage the programme schedule, arranging meetings for the core team and external collaborators to ensure project progression and success.

I work with Kaeyo to coordinate events for Grow MedTech and our medtech community, booking venues, arranging catering and organising registrations.

Organising the reviews of funding applications is also a part of my role, as well as making sure there are enough biscuits on hand for the meetings!

What I can help you with:
  • Any general enquiries about the programme
  • Diary contact for Dr Danielle Miles
  • Meeting requests with anyone in the Grow MedTech team
  • Event enquiries
  • Application for funding enquiries


I am really interested to see how body worn sensor tracking technology will be able to assist the elderly and vulnerable to live more independently. I believe this technology will relieve some of the pressure that the care system and families are under, and provide a better quality of life for people living alone.