About my secondment: Stephen Smith

About Stephen’s secondment

Steve is a Professor of Electronics at the University of York, developing technology that measures the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Steve was awarded a Translate secondment to evaluate his technology in multiple clinical settings to see first-hand the use of the system by patients and clinical staff. 

The secondment also allowed clinical staff to see the potential for the technology for routine assessment of Parkinson’s patients.

Translate MedTech’s Secondment Scheme provides an opportunity for successful applicants to develop new medtech innovation skills and/or progress a medical technology towards clinical application by embedding themselves within a host organisation that’s seperate from their own.

The scheme is open to;

  • Researchers to temporarily take up a role in a complementary organisation, or
  • Academics and researchers to host clinicians, industrialists or innovation specialists.

In 2018, Translate funded 50 secondments to bolster medtech innovation capability within the region.