Health and Care Innovation Expo

Health and Care Innovation Expo is the biggest NHS-led event of the year. Held every September at Manchester Central, it attracts around 5,000 people from the NHS, social care, local government, the third sector and the commercial sector.

The focus of the Expo this year, held between 4-5 September 2019, is focused on bringing the NHS Long Term Plan to life.

The Expo endeavours to inspire leaders and clinicians to make improvements for patients and service users – almost three-quarters pledge to start new projects or initiatives after visiting. It unites people from right across the health and social care sector to share perspectives, learn from one another, and find solutions.

The Expo is also an opportunity to learn about the future: it’s where you’ll hear the big announcements about the future of the NHS and social care, and meet the people leading transformation.


There will be a large main stage for Expo 2019 focused entirely on keynote speeches and major announcements.

A second stage will focus on professional panels. This stage will provide a forum for smaller audiences to get involved in deliberative conversations and structured engagement exercises with senior leaders and innovators.

To learn more about the event, or to register to attend click here.