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Grow your medtech network

We act as partnership brokers, using our knowledge and experience to proactively connect people from academia, industry and clinical practice to ...

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Grow your medtech idea

With a Grow MedTech technology innovation manager based at each of our partner universities, we provide academics with in-house support and resources ...

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Grow your medtech knowledge

Through our partner project Translate, academics and researchers from the Leeds City Region can access a targeted innovation development ...

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Grow your medtech business

We provide companies with access to a pool of academic and clinical expertise across the region, to underpin their development of medical technologies.

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Grow your patient involvement

Our ambition is to help develop medical technologies that are better aligned to patient needs by involving patients and people with long-term ...

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Clinicians, embryologists, academic and industry research scientists, and providers of ART & IVF services are asked to give insights into specific challenges that practitioners face with ART treatments, and in-vitro culture of embryos of different species:

Support an international call to identify emerging issues in science, innovation & policy for the microbial #biofilm field!

Submit your questions that, if answered, will make a considerable impact in influencing policy makers & funders #BiofilmPQs

💫 Our February 2021 Funding Landscape is now available!

We've put together some key #funding opportunities, with our partner Black Kite Ltd, that link to our four Strategic Themes: Prevent, Detect, Manage, and Engineer 🔬

Take a look 👀 #biofilms

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