With a Grow MedTech technology innovation manager based at each of our partner universities, we provide academics with in-house support and resources to innovate, helping them to develop, validate and commercialise new medical technologies.

Only academics from our partner universities can apply for one of our grants, although academic and industrial collaborators, from the UK or overseas, are welcome as members of the project teams. Some of our funding is earmarked for projects that involve an industry partner, where the ideas are commercially inspired.

Collaborate for success

Most successful applicants will be part of a wider collaboration. Our aim is to help academics engage more effectively with companies, clinicians and patients and to understand their needs, enabling them to develop stronger funding proposals through these collaborations and ensure impact from their research.


We provide funding to support technologies at three stages of the innovation process. This ensures we are supporting technologies through from initial concepts at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2 and 3 through proof of commercial concept and beyond at TRL 5+, and helping them to leverage additional funding from other sources.

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