Our ambition is to help develop medical technologies that are better aligned to patient needs by involving patients and people with long-term conditions at every stage of the journey. Patient involvement will not only ensure you are accountable to those who will ultimately benefit, it will also help you develop a better product.

Benefits to you

Patients bring new insights to the table; they help ensure that what you create is relevant and practical. By keeping patient needs at the forefront of your mind as you work on your technology, you can ensure that research and development is focused where it is needed, and the work progresses on the right path. Engaging and involving patients at an early stage can bring benefits later on, for example by improving recruitment to clinical evaluations or creating patient champions to support routes to adoption.

Real-life problems

Medical technologies aim to tackle real-life problems – and will only be successful in the market if they do so. We can only understand what those problems are by involving the stakeholders who are impacted by them. Patients and those with long-term conditions are rarely the only stakeholders of a new technology. But even medtech innovations that will only be used by clinicians – that patients will never see – still need to be designed to ensure patients benefit, and so they should have a role in their development.

Part of our culture

We want to make patient involvement part of the culture of the Grow MedTech community, something we all value, advocate and practice. Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) is too often focused only on engagement – bringing users in at the end of the process. We want to see users involved from the outset and expect this to form part of all the projects we fund. We can help you achieve this, by connecting you to existing patient groups relevant to your technology, or supporting you to set up a bespoke group for your project.

Getting involved with Grow MedTech

Are you a patient, a family member or carer of a patient, or a person living with a long term condition? Are you interested in supporting the development of new medical technologies? Do you want to help steer innovation?

If so we offering a range of opportunities to get involved with Grow MedTech.

We are continuing to ensure patient and public involvement (PPI) is part of the culture of the Grow MedTech community, something we all value, advocate and practice. We want to see users involved at every stage of the journey from identifying needs, providing high-level insight, and making decisions on the projects we fund, to helping to steer and shape the technology development projects.

Opportunity Management Panel

We are looking for PPI representatives to join this panel and score medtech funding applications based on the the PPI activities they’ve outlined.

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Strategic Advisory Board

We are looking for PPI representatives to join our Strategic Advisory Board, and provide insight, advice, and guidance on the direction and future development of Grow MedTech.

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Technology Development Projects and Unmet Need Innovation Workshops

we want to build a diverse and inclusive group of PPI members that can be invited to be involved in PPI activities on individual technology development projects.

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