We provide companies with access to a pool of academic and clinical expertise across the region, to underpin their development of medical technologies.

By partnering with academics from the six Grow MedTech universities, you can access our early stage funding to assess market opportunity and feasibility for your technologies, to progress them towards validation and commercialisation.

Making connections

Wherever your company is based – either within the Leeds and Sheffield City Regions or elsewhere in the UK – our technology innovation managers (TIMs) will work with you to understand your technology development and innovation needs and identify the right partners within our regions to help you build a successful collaboration. We can help you connect with the academic expertise or clinical skills you need to move your technology forward.

Through Grow MedTech you can benefit from the combined strengths of our six partner universities in medical and related digital technologies, innovation and commercialisation, which far exceeds the capacity and capability of a single institution.

Our six TIMs are each based in one of our partner universities, but wherever you make your first contact with Grow MedTech, you can access all the opportunities and expertise provided across our whole network.

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If you’d like to be involved in Grow MedTech, get in touch on our contact page. There’s space for you to send us a query if you have one and we’ll aim to respond as quickly as possible. You can also use the form simply to sign up to our mailing list, to receive information on our funding calls, projects, events and news.

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