Update | June 2021: UKRI Research England funding ended in June 2021. Whilst we no longer provide opportunities to progress technologies through Grow MedTech, we are still committed to delivering learning and developing opportunities through Translate until the end of the year.

We have acted as partnership brokers, using our knowledge and experience to proactively connect people from academia, industry and clinical practice to collaborate more effectively in developing new medical technologies. We have also linked into the wider network of healthcare innovation support organisations across the regions, to create added value.

Joining the Grow MedTech community has given participants access to the combined strengths of our six partner universities, as well as the sector specialist expertise of our technology innovation managers (TIMs).

Team working

Each of our TIMs were based in one of our partner universities, but they have worked collectively as a team.

Whether an academic, company or clinician, our TIMs have worked to assess the potential for a technology or idea, find the right partners to help move the technology forward and provide advice and support on funding sources to enable validation, establish market need or commercial feasibility.

Wherever the first contact was made with Grow MedTech, the opportunities and expertise provided come from across our whole network.

Face to face and online

We have run a regular calendar of events throughout the programme, to provide opportunities across our community to network with others in the sector, creating new partnerships and sparking new ideas for collaboration.

But dialogue and debate across the network hasn’t been limited to these events. We have also maintained the conversation online, through Twitter and LinkedIn, with news and opportunities for the community posted regularly on our website.

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