Immersive Health: Pain and Distraction

Immersive technology offers a new frontier in improving health and wellbeing. From increasing recovery time in rehabilitation, to training surgeons and offering new forms of therapy.

Up to 28 million people in the UK live with pain. Immersive technology is demonstrating its potential transform pain management and offer an alternative to opioids.

Join Immerse UK and Barclays Eagle Labs in Leeds, for an evening of stories, play and conversation where we will be exploring the future of pain management and the emerging new world of digital alternatives to drugs.

This event will bring together researchers, startups, those working in the healthcare profession and innovation experts to explore the applications for VR in pain management. Demos and funding mentoring opportunities from The Knowledge Transfer Network will be available.

Immerse UK

Immerse UK brings together industry, researchers and research organisations, the public sector, entrepreneurs, innovators and end users to support the UK in becoming the global leader in applications of immersive technologies: high-end visualisation, virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, haptics and other sensory interfaces with data.

Barclays Eagle Labs

Barclays Eagle Labs begun from a simple idea of re-purposing under-used Barclays’s space, our network of Eagle Labs has expanded quickly since our launch in 2015. Our mission is to fuel the UK’s entrepreneurial community by accelerating high-growth businesses through collaborative innovation and provide access to emerging technologies.


Hatsumi develop, curate and research immersive experiences across arts, health and virtual reality technology. They are currently creating a virtual reality platform that enables people to visualise lived experience using 3D drawing tools.


5:30pm – Doors open

6pm – Welcome & Introduction (Carrie Wootten, Immerse UK, Jennifer Estherby, Barclays Eagle Labs)

6.10pm – Keynote

6.30pm – Panel Discussion

7pm – Q&A

7.15pm – Conversation, Demos & Funding 1:1

8pm – Close