MedTech: Phantoms

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) are hosting an event on 16 February to discuss the impact phantoms can have in the medtech industry.

Increasingly, medical imaging techniques need to performed in a standardised way, whether that is in the clinic or the research environment. This requires the development of specialised phantoms that enable tests to be performed on the imaging equipment. Phantoms are devices designed to simulate the response and interactions of human tissues and organs with the imaging device, thus ensuring appropriate imaging quality in clinical subjects. More broadly, phantoms can be applied during development and testing of medical scanners, and as part of in-service QA and training.

Through NPL’s medical imaging accelerator for industry programme, funded through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, NPL have worked with a number of different companies, ranging from phantom manufacturers to medical device producers, to develop and QA novel phantoms that can provide a multi-parametric reference for a variety of medical imaging techniques.

For full details, and to register, visit the event booking page.