Product Development Funding for the Leeds Region

CPI is delivering a new project ForTaMP, which provides fully-funded support for SME businesses in the Leeds City Region, through the ERDF. This event explores how the formulations team and technical resources at CPI can support SMEs in the Leeds City Region.

Event overview

This 45-minute session includes an introduction to the programme, covering which companies are eligible and the type of support offered. The organisers will then move on to explore their technical expertise in:

• Colloid/Emulsion Chemistry;

• Nanotechnology;

• Powder processing;

• Materials Science;

• Nano-Enhanced Inks;

• Composites;

• Coatings.

The event will finish with a question and answer session.

About the organisers

CPI is a centre for process innovation based in the North East with broad-ranging technical expertise in product development.

CPI can assist SMEs active within or seeking to access the health/personal care, consumer goods, materials and food & drink sectors to enhance up-scaling, prototyping and applications of their technology.

Support for SME product/process development will be offered at appropriate scales, ranging from laboratory to pilot and prototyping in order to help local SME’s develop and launch innovative new products.