IVFmicro launches feedback survey

Experts in Assisted Reproduction Technologies are asked to submit their views on IVF success rate factors

IVFmicro, a research project aiming to provide innovative tools and optimised methods for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) have opened a call for feedback to develop their technology further.

Clinicians, embryologists, academic and industry research scientists, and providers of ART and IVF services are asked to provide insights about the specific needs and challenges that practitioners face with ART treatments, and in-vitro culture of embryos of different species.

Visit the project feedback website

The research project started at the University of Leeds in 2017, funded by NC3Rs CRACK IT Challenge, aiming to help improve the success of ART treatments by enabling a safer, simpler, and more reliable in vitro culture for high quality embryos. It involves the development of a device for use in IVF that provides safe, enclosed and precisely regulated micro-environments that more closely resemble an embryo’s natural growing conditions within the body.

A one-year proof of concept award from Grow MedTech is now enabling the project team to assess the safety of different materials used in the devices and validate the most promising. The funding is also helping the team to carry out market analysis and develop a manufacturing plan. By the end of 2022, once manufacturing and material safety have been fully tested, Grow MedTech hopes to make them available to fertility clinics for human IVF.

To access the survey and learn more about the project and the team visit the IVFMicro website. The survey will close on 15 March 2021 and takes around 10 minutes to complete.

For further information on the survey or project contact: Dr Agata Szuba, Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Leeds: A.Szuba@leeds.ac.uk

Visit the project feedback website