Free webinars teach innovators how to develop digital health solutions

Mindwave, specialist developers of digital health and clinical research products and services, has released two webinars to support innovators who are developing a digital health solution. Both webinars are freely available to watch at any time and can be found below.

Webinar 1: How to build a successful website or mobile application for health research

This webinar helps university-based health researchers and clinical researchers in the NHS to understand the process for developing an effective app or website to support health research, and the benefits of partnering with an external design and development team.

Joined by Professor Jo Neale from Kings College London who’s recently worked with Mindwave to develop her own health research website, the webinar panel discuss important topics like:

  • How to involve end-users in the development process
  • How to design a website or application that’s accessible
  • How to budget for a development project
  • How to create a trusted partnership with an external agency

You can watch the full webinar below:

Webinar 2: How to build a successful digital health product with a tech founder

Here, Mindwave Venture’s Chief Innovation Officer Dr Victoria Betton leads a discussion of five actionable insights which medtech entrepreneurs can use to develop a successful digital health product.

Guest speaker Arden Tomison, a founder of the digital health startup Thalamos, also provides a personalised account of how his company has used these same insights to build a successful venture.

You can watch the full presentation below:

If you’ve found these webinars helpful, you might also want to visit Mindwave’s blog for more informative guides and opinion pieces about developing digital health solutions.

If you need support in developing a medtech device, any of our Technology Innovation Managers would be happy to discuss your project and innovation support needs with you. You can read about each team members unique expertise and the type of support they can provide you with on their website profiles.