Update | June 2021: UKRI Research England funding ended in June 2021 and we no longer provide opportunities for patient involvement through our programme.

Our ambition has been to help develop medical technologies that are better aligned to patient needs by involving patients and people with long-term conditions at every stage of the journey.

Patient involvement not only ensured our project teams are accountable to those who will ultimately benefit, but it also helped them to ultimately develop a better product.

Grow MedTech aimed to build a diverse and inclusive group of PPI members to be invited to PPI activities on individual technology development projects. The activities varied project by project, depending on the technology being developed and the development stage, but included patient focus groups and patient need validation workshops as well as opportunities to be on project management groups and steering boards.

Role Responsibilities

• To be a representative for the views and concerns of other patients and carers.
• To providing insight and steer on unmet clinical needs and solutions
• To share your patient experiences

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